The Coffee & Chaos Magazine

I used to love reading magazines.

I remember grabbing my dad’s Reader’s Digest as a teen and being completely enthralled with the stories that were featured and I even loved a pretty popular women’s magazine for it’s small section about current events and women’s issues around the world.

But, the fact of the matter is that most magazines are junk- a 100 page, binded book of ads and articles without sustenance.

These popular magazine’s tout headlines like, “100 New Sex Positions That will Rock his World” and lack the articles that us moms really want to read. Because, let’s be real- there’s no way that someone has discovered 45 new sex positions every month for the last 10 years.

I want to pick up a magazine and relate.

I want to read about legit marriage advice, that doesn’t command having sex everyday for a year as the solution.

I want to read about how to deal with in-laws, and how to combat postpartum depression.

I want to read about how to cope with difficult children- from real parents and not “experts.”

I want to read about mental health.

I want to read about mom hacks.

I want to read about how to manage life with SO much going on.


I am not interested in getting “hot abs” in this season of life (and probably not the next season or the season after that).

I am not interested in reading about how to be the best self for everyone but myself.


I want a magazine written by moms,


For moms,

About moms,

To moms.


The Coffee & Chaos Magazine.


A quarterly print magazine.

Coming in Spring 2019.


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