Brooke's Stories

I am Restored.

This past weekend, I was invited to speak at the Restore Mom’s Retreat, held at the NaCoMe Camp & Retreat Center in Centerville, TN. Since I’d never been to any sort of retreat before, I wasn’t sure what to expect,…

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Well, Hello There- Hello Fresh!

Last week, I gave Hello Fresh a try! If you don’t know what Hello Fresh is, it’s a food delivery service that sends you all of the ingredients, along with recipe cards, right to your door. Each week, you can…

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My Keto Meal Planning

Some of you may not have realized it, but I’m a perfect example of fitness and healthy eating. JK. But, all jokes aside, I have lost about 60 pounds in the last year, simply from following a Keto/Low Carb way…

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