Trust Your Gut.

What is it about being a new mom that makes you question everything? You question whether you’re doing “it” right. You question whether you’re present enough, loving enough, feeding enough. The list never ends. And, although we have a connection…

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Brooke's Stories

Pregnant and Alone.

Growing up, no one would’ve pegged me for the girl who would end up pregnant at 23 and single. No one would’ve guessed that I would end up in the embarrassing situation that I was in- with the father of…

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Guides, Parenting

How to Calm the Chaos

Being a mom of three is madness. It is absolutely chaos most of the time. With three kids ages five and under, you can pretty much guarantee that, at any point in time, one is crying; one is hungry and…

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Life, Parenting

Life After Loss.

Here I sit staring into the face of the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen with tear filled eyes. She’s my rainbow, and gave me something I had absolutely no idea I even needed until she entered my world.…

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