Brooke Wilkerson’s Moms’ Night Out 2018!


Don’t you feel like we need to get out a little more?

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the night in Nashville, laughing and eating good food without small children climbing on us?

What about a catered dinner? A fancy one! Where we get to eat slow, and savor what we’re eating (basically the opposite of what we do every other day).

And laugh! When’s the last time you belly laughed? Or snort-laughed?

When was the last time you sat at a table with moms just like you? Who are also in dire need of a night out?

When was the last time you and your girls got out of town?

Have you been to Nashville, yet??!

Well, girls, here’s your excuse! Get your calendar out and save the date, because, us moms, are having a night out in Nashville this fall!

Join Brooke, Dena, Tiffany and CA, as we get together in Nashville for an evening of food, laughter and music! We’ll spend the night listening to other mom comics, indulging in good food and everyone will go home with an amazing swag bag, just for moms! Not to mention, we’ll have some pretty sweet giveaways throughout the night, and you’ll have a chance to get a picture with Brooke!

Want to take this MNO to the next level?

We have a very limited amount of VIP tickets available that get you a meet and greet with Brooke and the other guest speakers; tables closest to the stage and VIP swag bags with some extra swag!

So, join Brooke in Nashville on October 20th, for a night that you won’t forget!

You deserve it!


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