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You Don’t Need a Break From Social Media.

It’s sort of a trendy thing, right? To take a break from social media; to delete an account altogether; to remove the app from your phone. Everyone seems to be doing it here and there with a “goodbye” and “I’m back” following shortly after.

But, do we really need a break? Or do we need a complete overhaul?

Because, here’s the thing- we feel obligated to be “friends” with certain people on social media. The same people who make us roll our eyes or laugh out loud (not in a good way). We feel compelled to follow the news channels which mostly publish depressing stories with awful titles. We feel inferior after following influencers who seem to have it all together. We see people we know, share half truths online.

But, what happens if we completely transform our feed? When we cut out the ones who bring us down; when we start using social media with intention.

Let’s remove the “friends” we really can’t stand (sorry, not sorry). The ones who negatively affect us every time we see their post. The old “friends” from high school that we no longer know at all; The extremely biased news sources.

Let’s unfollow the family members with polar opposite viewpoints who cause a rise in your blood pressure every time they appear on your feed.

And that “influencer” whose “real-life” pictures make you scoff- yeah, let’s unlike those, too.

But, what are we putting in their place?

The friends that give us life. The people whose posts you LOVE. The ones who inspire you, motivate you, and make you feel better. The people who *get* you and who feed your soul, because social media should be fulfilling, not draining.

Let’s follow the pages of real moms, women and parents. The ones who bare makeup-free videos and messy mom buns. The ones who will say, “I am SO blessed, but this shit is hard.” The people who will challenge you to think outside the box and those who offer depth. The ones who make you belly laugh and cry tears of relief.

We need to start being intentional about what we have in our feed. So often we get wrapped up in curating our own page, that we forget that we’re being influenced by others’ curated feeds. Social media has the potential to be so uplifting when we cut out the obligations, and start using it with intention.

Social media can be such a drag- if you let it. It can be so negative and disheartening, but we have the ability to transform our experience without abandoning it altogether.

Is it “aimlessly scrolling” if we stumble on a new recipe? If we’re inspired to create something based on something we saw? If we have a revelation after reading an informative article? If we get inspired to get off our butt and get that workout in? If we laugh for the first time in a week while watching a funny video? If we find our people in a Facebook group when we’re feeling all alone while breastfeeding at 2 AM?

Social media is what we make it- So, what are you making out of yours?


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