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Stop Glamorizing Self-Care.

Ah, good ole’ self-care. Anyone else roll their eyes when they hear that word?

Anymore, women have become so turned off by the phrase that it actually causes a negative reaction.

But, why?

Because we’re doing it wrong. That’s why.

Somehow, we’ve turned the phrase “self-care” into something glamorous.

Going to get your nails done?


Arriving at your 6 week hair appointment?


A standing appointment to get a massage?


But, here’s the problem with that. Not everyone can afford those types of self-care. Not everyone will be rejuvenated from those types of self-care (introverts, where you at??). Self-care is so much more basic than what we credit it for.

It’s not the yearly trips or monthly coffee dates. It’s everything in between.

Does that girls trip you take once a year actually hold you over until the next time?


Chances are, within 2 hours of being back home, you’re counting down the hours until bed time.

Because, clearly, you’re a bad mom. *JOKING*

It’s because that’s not actual self-care. At least, it’s not enough.

Self-care has to be done on the daily. On the weekly. And, of course, there’s monthly and yearly things, too. But, we often overlook the daily and the weekly.

Self-care is indulging in a good book during nap time.

It’s enjoying your favorite show at bed time.

It’s sitting on the porch and doing *nothing.*

It’s painting your nails at home.

It’s exercising.

It’s eating healthy.

It’s sometimes eating not healthy.

Self-care is purging your house of all the clutter so that you can quickly clean up and breathe easy when you sit down to rest, instead of analyzing everything that has to be done.

Self-care is turning down things that you don’t want to do.

It’s saying, “yes” to things that nurture your soul.

I could spend an hour scrolling aimlessly on Facebook, just to find that an hour later, my kids are awake and I feel 0% rejuvenated.

But, as an introvert, if I spend an hour sitting in the quiet, reading a good book- at least, 80% better and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Self-care is establishing a routine so that all of the things that you have to do don’t pile up and consume an entire day (I’m looking at you, laundry).

It’s taking 15 minutes at night putting dishes in the dishwasher so you can wake up to a clean sink.

It’s discovering that your 6, 3 and 2 year old can help clean up in some ways and setting a clean-up routine every night before bed.

And, most importantly, self-care is different for everyone.

What’s working for me- what makes me feel refreshed and rejuvenated, might be the total opposite for you.

Clutter might not bother you. It might actually comfort you.

Sitting alone in the quiet might be torturous for extroverts.

Just like the go-go-go of life that we can get easily sucked into, can be torturous for introverts.

We have to stop making self-care seem so unattainable and remind everyone how simple it really is.

My point is this: How do you self-care every day? What are you doing daily and weekly that feeds your soul? It’s so easy, as moms, to get lost; to feel unappreciated and to feel like we are constantly *doing* for everyone else (because, actually we are), and to get burnt out. But, it’s also easy to evaluate your circumstances and start adding in things that you loved to do before you had kids. Maybe it’s painting. Maybe it’s reading. Maybe it’s writing rant-y blog posts 😉

Find out what your self-care is, ladies, and make it happen!

3 thoughts on “Stop Glamorizing Self-Care.

  1. thank you Brooke for sharing such a real and true perspective. I too agree that self-care is the little things that help get in touch with your sanity; not necessarily the big glamorous activities.

  2. Hi Brooke it’s always great to read your stories you share with world you are so inspiring and you give me a reason not to give up or be depressed I’ve followed you for a while…gosh I sound like a stalker but trust me I’m not I just love reading and watching your lives and Facebook..thanks for sharing your stories about your son and life in general I have an autistic child who is 25 and it can be overwhelming at times it’s like having 6 kids in one lol just kidding Im a stay at home mom 24/7 365 I admire you so much especially when you wrote about your daughter it touched my heart different sorry my sons father gave up his rights since he was 2 last time he saw him so for 25 years I played mom n dad to my son and never let anyone get attached to my son because I knew it wouldn’t last or them treat me wrong or him wrong

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more. I feel the same way and my self care is a lot less glam than the Kardashians – it’s more about eating good food, watching a funny film and just having a time out from my daily “routine”.

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