Guess What? Instant Pot Wine is a Thing and We’re Totally Here For It.

Well it looks like Moms everywhere have one more reason to keep their Instant Pots in the Konmari OMG JOY pile, because the appliance that won hearts everywhere with convenience now also makes wine.


Blogger David Murphy of FoodNService was inspired by a meme to figure out how to make wine in an Instant Pot, thus solidifying his place in history as the unofficial hero of 2019. 

When he saw the meme that cheekily observes that people haven’t yet figured out how to get their crockpots to turn grapes into wine, he accepted the challenge and got to researching. Although he wasn’t quite able to turn grapes into wine, what he was able to do was pretty impressive nonetheless.

He discovered that by using the yogurt setting on his Instant Pot and combining it with a bunch of time and patience, he could turn some simple ingredients like grape juice, yeast and sugar into wine. For full instructions, check out his original post here

The entire process takes 48 hours in the appliance, with an additional 8 to 30 days to finish. Although this might sound like a long time, this is actually a pretty impressive timeframe when it comes to wine-making. 
As for the taste? Murphy describes it as better than some of the cheapo table wines you can get out there.

Plus, let’s be real- everything tastes a little more impressive when it’s homemade from scratch. 

Let’s all give David a round of applause for proving that Instant Pots do indeed deserve the love they get, and that memes can be a very important part of the creative process.

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