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A Letter to my First Wrinkle.

Dear Wrinkle,

It should come to no surprise that of the first wrinkles to surface on my face, it would be you- the WTF wrinkle. You know, the one directly to the right of your eyebrow that surfaces when you’re firmly pushing your eyebrows together in a WTF moment?

Given the trajectory of my life and events that have occurred in the last 29 years, I am, quite frankly, shocked that it took you this long to appear.

You surfaced just 6 months before my 30th birthday, which I find fair enough. I expected wrinkles to start appearing soon. I’ve caught a glimpse of a grey hair here and there. But what I didn’t expect is to actually like my first wrinkle.

Women always talk about stretch marks from pregnancy as badges of honor, but this deep crinkle nestled right beside my left eyebrow is my own badge of honor.

It’s a symbol of survival.

I have survived the 100% of the worst days of my life. That wrinkle proves just that.

It’s not a symbol of age but of evolving wisdom and with it comes a newfound respect amongst the majority of the population that isn’t given to young 20-somethings.

My WTF wrinkle suits me and now it has a permanent home on my face since it visits so often.

“Come on in, WTF wrinkle. Take your shoes off and stay awhile. Might as well get comfy. No need to travel back and forth so often. I’m sure there’s more cause for your appearance to come in the future!”

My WTF wrinkle was there when I was thinking, “WTF am I going to do??” at 20 years old and my bills exceeded my paychecks (yes, that is plural).

It was there when my ex asked to terminate his parental rights to my beautiful baby girl.

It was there when I was laid off in month six of my first pregnancy.

It was there through every heartbreak, injustice and consequence to poor decisions.

But, now it’s taken on a new form. It has evolved.

It’s now a welcome sign to others. Something on your mind? Need some perspective or advice?

Look at this wrinkle!

I’ve probably been there.

It doesn’t just give me character, it’s a physical representation of my character.

It’s my thinking-face wrinkle when I’m learning something new.

It’s my why-would-you-do-that-face wrinkle when I catch my toddler eating toothpaste.

It’s my why-did-I-agree-to-this-face wrinkle when I’ve committed to something but would rather stay at home in my pajamas.

It’s my I-don’t-know-why-I-feel-this-way-but-I’m-listening-to-my-gut-this-time look.

My first wrinkle has arrived.

I can’t guarantee that I will be so welcoming to the ones that follow but I’m hoping the next 29 years bring on some deep and well-deserved laugh lines.

I can certainly live with that.


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  1. As is always your style, a note written with humor, conviction and self-awareness. Keep ’em coming!

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