My QALO Review!

A Long Overdue Date Day! Check out his QALO ring 🙂

You may not have noticed, but my husband doesn’t wear your typical wedding band. He has one… somewhere. But, he has only worn it one day- our wedding day. The reason being is that he is an Electrician, and working in that industry, it isn’t safe to wear a metal band. Fortunately, there’s this awesome company called QALO and they make silicone bands that ARE safe for his job! So, since day 2 of being married, he’s sported his solid black band (which looks pretty cool, I think).

But, recently, QALO has added a ton of new things to their line and I’m so pumped to be able to share them with you! I’ve tested them out myself, and I can honestly say that you won’t be disappointed!

Women’s Bands

My Stackable QALO Rings 🙂

Now, they’ve had these bands for a while, but I honestly didn’t have much of a use for them until we started going off-roading again. We got a sweet new RZR and our favorite thing to do on the weekends is take the kids and go ride in the mountains and camp out. The kids love it. We love it.

Unfortunately, those rides typically result in lots of mud and dirt (which is the best part), and my wedding bands would need a deep cleaning after each ride, if I wore them. So, I went to QALO and got my own set of silicone bands.

Of course, the bands for women are not nearly as simple as the men’s options, and I love mine! I went with a stackable, two-color set! No more soaking my rings after a long weekend. No more worrying about losing my ring. I leave my ring in a safe place, and slide on my QALO rings (which is super comfy by the way).

For Kiddos

Teething Necklaces

My Teething Necklace for Harper!

If you haven’t yet heard of teething necklaces, let me tell you all about them! I used them a ton with Miles when he was a baby and also with Harper (I don’t think they had them when I had Peyton 6 years ago). Teething necklaces are great for a few different reasons! One, it’s actual “jewelry” that you can wear without worrying about your little one breaking it. Two, it keeps your little one busy when you’re holding them and three, they’re soothing to their gums when they’re teething. They are so handy to have and both of my kiddos absolutely love them!

What’s even better is that QALO has several different designs available, ranging from a single pendant to a full necklace and they come in a variety of colors.


Harper with her QALO Blanket.

You’ve probably heard me call my kids “blanket babies” because that’s the best way to describe their obsession with blankets (which they probably got for me), so I was equally excited to try out the new QALO blankets! I got this cute, gender neutral one and Harper has now claimed it as her own (there have been many fights over this one). It’s also that same, super soft sherpa material and it’s PERFECT for this winter weather!

I love it so much that I might be ordering one of the big, family blankets for myself!

What’s really unique about these blankets is that you can actually personalize the leather tag on each one to include a name, saying, etc.

Pet Accessories

Dog Beds

Arlo’s Super Comfy QALO Dog Bed

My absolute favorite QALO pet accessory is the dog bed! Y’all, it’s seriously comfy enough for a person with the super soft sherpa material! I literally thought about leaving it in the house for the kids because I know that they would love it, too! LOL

And the dog bed is not a cheap, spongy type of dog bed. It’s very thick and solid and perfect for our spoiled little sour patch dog!

Personalized Dog Tags

Arlo with his Dog Tag! (We have our phone number on the back).

I also love this personalized silicone dog tag from QALO! They have several different designs available and you can customize both the front and back of the tag to include any important info about your dog (microchipped, phone number, etc.).

I think this teal color looks super cute on Arlo 🙂


And, of course, QALO has very nice, high-quality apparel available, too, if you become a QALO fan like me! Their t-shirts and hats are all very nice and durable (and perfect for our off-roading adventures!).

Be sure to check out all that QALO has to offer by clicking here! And comment below if you’ve tried them out!

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