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7.5 Million Dollars Found in a Storage Unit!

What would you do if you stumbled across 7.5 million CASH??!

That’s exactly what happened to someone in Southern California after they opened a safe inside a storage unit that they had bought from an auction.


Just let that sink in.



But, before they could let it sink in, they received a mysterious call from the original owners attorneys, offering them $600,000 of the 7.5 million if they returned the cash to the owners.

And because the new owners are reasonable people, they doubled the offer and settled on 1.2 million and returned the remaining money to the original owners.

Can we say sketchy as hell?




As much as I’d like to think that I would be a badass, keep the full 7.5 million and tell the owners to kick rocks, that phone call probably would’ve scared the hell out of me! Could you imagine?! This is like some Breaking Bad stuff.

I’d be scared to even negotiate at all! Why in the world would someone have 7.5 million dollars in cash, wrapped up inside a storage unit that they defaulted on?? Can we say drug money?

What would you do??!!




You can find the video of the story below. For privacy reasons, the names and precise location were not released (because, duh!).

Source: WHAS 11 News