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Grab Your Pitchforks! A Mom Was Feeding Her Baby In Front Of People!

Last week, a woman, yet again, encountered scrutiny and criticism for breastfeeding her child in public.

Like many other moms, I also decided to breastfeed all 3 of my children, but was TERRIFIED to do so in public because of stories like this (and difficult babies that wanted to eat freely- don’t even think about covering them up).

But, while out to eat at a local restaurant, a woman was told by a manager that he was receiving complaints and placed a napkin over the babies face while he asked her to cover up. *face palm*

But what’s more upsetting than the actual incident itself, is the comments from the article posted by WDRB news.

I should probably remind y’all that it’s a tad nippy in Kentucky (see what I did there ☺️), so taking consideration would’ve been going outside and feeding her baby in a vehicle? Or we could just be adults and realize that this mom is simply feeding her hungry baby which is much better than listening to a screaming, hangry baby. No?

What happened to decency?? Should we start charging nursing moms with indecent exposure? Let’s be real y’all- you’ve probably seen more exposed ta-ta’s walking by a Victoria’s Secret poster in the mall, than you did by seeing a mother nursing. Ah, but we’re feeding a baby, so everyone loses their minds!!!

I know when I breastfed, my ulterior motive was to show off my large, milk-full breast. It actually wasn’t about the baby at all.

Tobbie- I would love to know how your newborn experience was. Did your baby latch like a dream? Did your baby love both breast and bottle? Which bottle did your baby end up taking? How did you handle a hungry baby when out in public? Oh, wait that’s right. You’re a dude, soooo…..

Yes, mothers should just hibernate for as long as they decide to breastfeed. We do not want to risk others catching a glimpse of a moms side boob. God forbid, our children are scarred for life by observing this unnatural act.

The manager should be left alone? This is a difficult situation?? Uh, no it’s not. In fact, there’s this thing called a LAW which makes it super simple- moms can breastfeed in public. Is your restaurant a public place? Yes? Ok, then it’s pretty simple.

Oh Wyatt, you want to know how to piss off a hungry baby who also demands to make direct eye contact with mom while eating? Throw a blanket over him. While I fully appreciate, yet another, mans solution to this female problem- you can’t both commend someone and shame them at the same time.

Yes, I’m sure this breastfeeding mom was just relishing in the attention while also trying to feed her child and herself. After all, that’s what all breastfeeding moms want, right?

It’s 2018. Can we just stop? Next time you see a breastfeeding mom in public, just show some decency and place a blanket over your own head so that you don’t have to see it. 👏👏👏


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