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Hilarious Rant is Every Mom.

Have you ever tried to be thrifty and it completely backfired??!

No? Just join a resale group and you’ll quickly join the crowd.

Last week, a hilarious mom totally NAILED every sane moms thoughts after trying to purchase some higher end clothes for her kids.

I’ve never heard of “Well Dressed Wolf” before, which is probably okay given the above description. However, we may or may not own a piece from every single season of Garanimals.

I have to confess- I’m guilty of buying 112 onesies for my newborns but that’s because they weren’t like this woman’s magical baby and frequently had blow outs that ruined a good 50% of the said 112 outfits.

Don’t even get me started on the baby shoes. By the time my third baby started walking, I decided it was time to purchase her first pair of shoes (she was born in June- it really wasn’t necessary).

Excellent Ted talk and lastly, #TeamCarters.



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