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To the Second Shift Mom









To the mom whose spouse works a second or third shift, let me introduce myself (virtually, of course, because who has time to actually get out?).

I see you.

I see how hard it is to be the mom friend whose husband works the weird schedule; Whose husband will never be available for any get together during the week (and that includes Friday, too).

I know how irritating it is to feel like you’re always giving excuses and explaining how your schedule works- there’s no leaving the kids with Dad after he gets home from work at 5PM for Taco Tuesday. There’s no meeting up with the girls for a night out unless you arrange for a sitter, first.







I know how you contemplate whether attending that dinner or moms’ night out or event is worth the $50+ it will cost to get a sitter and how it’s almost always not worth it.

I know how hard it is to cook dinner while breaking up fights and tending to the crying baby who wants to be held at that precise moment when you’re trying to cut up vegetables that they probably won’t eat anyway.

I feel how stressful it can be to cook dinner, feed the kids, command them to eat, clean up the dinner mess and do the whole bedtime routine for all of the kids by yourself.

It’s exhausting.






It’s emotional most nights when the toddler doesn’t want to wear his Dino jammies and doesn’t understand why the truck jammies aren’t clean (add that to the to-do list).

This time of day is like the witching hour when the kids are worn out and hungry but also not willing to go to bed.

I know how you just want to collapse after reading 2 stories, singing one song and tucking in each kid.








I know how you long for some help in the form of the other parent who’s at work.

I know how you dread 5PM because then starts the hardest shift of the day.

I know how the big plans you had for after bed time that included laundry and cleaning and prepping were with good intentions, but how you just need to veg out on the couch more than your house needs cleaning. I know you’ll probably be in bed shortly later or how you’ll stay up too late to have some time to yourself and pay for it the next day.

I know how you feel. I know what you think, but mostly, I appreciate all that you do.


To the mom whose husband works second shift. Evenings can be difficult as a second shift wife without your spouse to help split the parenting duties. I see you mama, and you're doing an awesome job! #motherhood #momlife #secondshift