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“Well, now you can call all your friends and tell them.”

That is how my husband wrapped up his proposal for marriage.

I’ll wait while you get your heart flutters under control. It’s the least I can do when I unleash such romance into the atmosphere. You good? Ok, I’ll go on.


More than that, I will start from the beginning. My then boyfriend had been dating for about three years, I believe. About two weeks previous my Casanova had asked me to go shopping with rings (he really did screw himself there. He could have gotten by with something much, much cheaper).

However, I do like that he wanted to get my opinion. We skedaddled to the mall that weekend. We sat down with a jeweler and he showed all the pretty sparklies. The jewelry guy went into what makes a good diamond and the 4 C’s (I think it was 4. ) This might be a good time to tell you I get distracted by shiny things. The guy also let us know that the cheaper ring that was a bigger carat, was not as good quality. Even though it shined in the store, that didn’t mean anything. He said that the lighting in the store would make a glass bottle shine and sparkle. It was set up that way to get you to buy. Makes sense. Also of course now we totally trusted him because he had let down his jeweler shield and let us glance in to the “real” world of jewelry store. I’m not sure why there isn’t a reality show on this, but at the moment this is not my concern.


That day we didn’t purchase the ring. We purchased the .75 carat because that was an option. I think he wanted to get the smaller one, however when you show me two rings and then you say I can have either one I am picking the sparkliest. He put money down and did paperwork.


I thought about how it was weird that he was buying the ring, but we weren’t engaged. And then I sniffed the air more and dreamed of the Cinnabun’s that were right across the hallway. The jeweler said that the ring would be ready on the following Monday. I heard this and didn’t think much of it. I waited that week out and there was not any plans made by my boyfriend to do anything exciting. No sky diving, no romantic dinners. Nothing.


That was fine. I had a little inkling on the Friday before the Monday we were supposed to get it, that the ring might be ready. I just kind of thought that I “knew” that something was going on. I got home from work on Friday. Again kind of having a feeling in the back of my heart (that isn’t an expression, but I’m leaving it- it could catch on) that he might have the ring early (I just kind of typically know him. I can’t explain it). I know him well. I guess that’s why we are married even after this shit proposal.


Oh the shit proposal.


So I come in from work, and he has the box. He comes up with the box, has me sit on the coach and says right what i have written out for you above “You can call all your friends now.”


Umm he didn’t really even ask in there right?


I was not happy.

I looked at him and said “You are getting on your knees.”

I didn’t even say one knee at that point.

I felt like it was appropriate that he go to both and bag me after screwing this up so bad. I believe that he did go to his knees and ask “will you marry me?” I said yes. All my dreams went up in smoke of the romantic gesture.


My mom still holds a tiny grudge about that proposal. When he went to ask her for my hand (her and my father) she apparently had suggested that he put it in my favorite ice cream or something special like that.


I hate that when my daughters ask me about this I will not be able to tell them that he knocked my socks off. I hate that when I discuss with friends it all comes out like he didn’t really want me. I play it off in fun, and I can laugh about it. I do wish some times that we could redo that moment. As they always say it’s not about the engagement or the wedding, it’s about the marriage. The marriage is still going. We have two beautiful daughters.


Someday I hope that he will maybe make up for it with something romantic.

Hey do you suppose that was a big enough hint?

I doubt it also.

One woman's real life engagement story. Not all engagements are fairy tales that are cute or funny or video worthy. Click here to read the truth about some marriage engagements. #engagement #marriage #relationships



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