Do you know what I regret about my Microblading experience?


I’m currently 3 days post-Microblading and I’m SO happy with my results already!

If you missed the live videos, you can watch them here and here.

We got a ton of questions about my experience, so here are some answers to some of the questions I got:

  • Does it hurt? It doesn’t! I was expecting to feel a lot more than I did! Before starting, she applied a numbing cream, and she also applied a numbing gel in between each pass, so I didn’t feel a thing when she was actually doing the Microblading. However, the numbing gel did burn slightly (about the same as getting your eyebrows waxed). Afterwards, they didn’t hurt at all! They were a little tender to the touch, but you’re not supposed to touch them anyway.
  • What is microblading? Microblading is, essentially, a permanent tattoo, where a small blade is used, along with pigment, to create hair-like strokes. Microblading can be done for a natural look, or, what I call, the “drawn-on” look that’s really popular right now.
  • How long does it take? This depends on the client and their needs. For someone who had really overplucked eyebrows (like me), it may take longer. It actually took longer for her to map out my brows than it did for her to do the actual Microblading. Altogether, my experience took around 2 hours. Also, after 8-9 weeks, a follow-up visit is necessary to make any touch-ups or changes. This visit is included in the original price, and it’s an opportunity to go darker, bolder, etc.
  • How long does it last? Microblading is permanent, but, just like a tattoo, it needs to be touched up periodically. My artist said that touch-ups are typically done around 12-18 months and, it depends on your skin type (with drier skin needing touch-ups around 12 months, and oilier skin, closer to 18 months). The touch-ups are not included in the original price, but are significantly lower (it was $350 for mine, and touch-ups are $150, just to give you an idea).
  • What are the after-care requirements? Pretty simple! Try to keep them out of water; apply the ointment twice a day, and don’t touch them! We went to lunch right after I had mine done.
  • What about scabbing? Just like with touch-ups, this depends on your skin type, with drier skin being more likely to scab, and oilier skin, less likely.
  • Does it itch afterwards like a tattoo? As I write this on day 3, post-Microblading, I haven’t experienced any itching, however, just like a tattoo, you may experience itching.
  • What about chemo patients or people with alopecia? This is a great service for you! You don’t have to have eyebrow hair to have this done.
  • Do they shave your natural eyebrow off? Nope! Instead, she worked with what I had already, making it look more natural. She did use a tool to shape up my eyebrows, just like I would at home.
  • What does it cost? This depends on where you go, but to give you an idea, my stylist charges $350 for the first 2 visits and $150 for touch-ups (at the 12-18 month mark). I’ve seen some places cheaper and some more expensive.
  • What if I have a scar? My stylist says that it’s really 50/50 and there’s no way of knowing how well it will take. Some people with scars will have great results, and for others, it may not take.
  • What if I have a mole? I have a mole right above my eyebrow and she worked around that. Since I’m Microblading uses a blade, it can’t be done over moles.
  • Do you still need to wax or pluck afterwards? Yes! Microblading is only adding to your eyebrow- not taking away- so, you’ll still want to remove any hair that grows outside of your desired shape.
  • What if I just need some bare spots filled in? That can be done, too! In fact, I needed that done, and you can see the “shading” technique at the end of my Microblading video.
  • Should I wax or tweeze before my appointment? That depends. If you already know the shape that you want, and you can achieve that yourself, you can do so before your appointment, but if you’re unsure, or want your stylist to shape them for you, you can come au natural!
  • What if I previously had my eyebrows tattooed/microbladed and they’re too dark? Can that be repaired? Unfortunately, no. Microblading can be done to make eyebrows darker, but not lighter.
  • Does it fade in the sun? Just like a tattoo, yes. My stylist recommends using sunscreen to prevent fading (yet, another reason to use sunscreen everyday).
  • How long does it take for them to heal? For the first 5 days after Microblading, you will need to apply the ointment to your brows twice a day, but after those 5 days, you can stop. It takes about 8 weeks or so to fully heal (for any scabs to fall off, etc.).
  • What if I have grey/red/white eyebrows? Any color can be matched!
  • Is my immediate result how they will stay? Not really. Your immediate result will be slightly darker, fuller and drastic than your permanent results. At your second appointment, your brows can be made darker, more drastic, etc. if desired.
  • Can you wear make-up right away? You’ll want to keep everything off of your eyebrows until they are healed (so no make-up). You can apply around them, though.


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