The Red Carpet Series

The Red Carpet Series: Yes, I Wore an Amazon Dress to the Red Carpet.

And, $25 shoes from Target and make-up from Walgreens.

Because, I am fancy.

When I was invited to cover the red carpet world premiere of the movie, “I Can Only Imagine,” my first thought was, “WHAT IN THE WORLD WILL I WEAR??!”

I was freaking out.

I’m a mom of 3, and when I leave the house, I’m typically wearing yoga pants and not because I’m going to do yoga.

So, to say that I felt out of my league is an understatement.

With less than 2 weeks notice, I had to move fast, so I did what comes natural to me and went to my beloved Amazon.

And, I was SO surprised at the options, quality, and price!

So, here’s the end result of mine and my friend’s Amazon shopping!

Not only did I get my dress from Amazon, but my friend did, too! The best part is that both dresses were under $50!

Shut the front door. LOL

I also scored these super comfortable black wedges from Target for just $24.99! I wanted to buy shoes that I would actually wear again, and these were perfect!

(You can find all of my favorite Amazon buys on my Amazon store)

I wore this beauty underneath my dress. If you haven’t ever tried on Spanx or tummy control underwear before, let me be the first to tell you that it will make you sweat, curse, laugh and cry. So, just be prepared.

I ended up having to go 2 sizes up in order to breathe, but once I got them on, they were pretty comfortable standing up. During the actual movie, after sitting for a while, I contemplated ways to discreetly peel them down off of my ribs, with no successful strategies. So, there’s that.

Now, for some of the behind-the-scenes info:


*Hair styled by Katie Meek*

If there’s one product that I can contribute to my hair, it’s this: Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioning balm SAVED MY HAIR’S LIFE!

When I was a brunette, I could use any shampoo/conditioner that I wanted (I’m looking at you 25 cent V05!), but when I started going blonde, it just wasn’t cutting it. My hair was fried, dry and constantly tangled (no matter how much I brushed it). So, I decided to upgrade my shampoo/conditioner, and after trying a few different brands, I tried this one. It was a game changer after the first wash! I’m dead serious. That first wash, I could immediately tell a difference. I wish I would’ve used this from the beginning!

Also, my favorite part of this set, is the price! It’s actually cheaper than a generic brand that I used to use! Beauty Plus Salon is my go-to to order my hair supplies, because I know that the products are legitimate and their prices are amazing!

My second favorite hair product is a SUPER cheap one- Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment. You can get this for less than $5 on Amazon, and I use it after every wash, while my hair is still wet. I only apply it to the ends, before styling.

My hairdresser used two products for my up-do:

Kenra Thermal Styling Spray:

Matrix Total Results High Amplify Hairspray:


I’m good at many things, however, makeup, not so much.

So, I enlisted the help of my make-up artist friend, Shawn Adams!

Number one, he is amazing at make-up (clearly, see above).

Number two, he works at Walgreens (why doesn’t he have a YouTube channel, yet?!?).

Number three, he uses a lot of less expensive products.

So, I took note of what he used so that I could share it with you all, and here it is:

L’Oreal Pro-Glow Foundation:

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer:

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer:

Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint (Birthday Suit):

Morphe 25A Palette:

Maybelline FaceStudio Loose Powder:


Now, I’m going to admit something embarrassing. I won a raffle that included a perfume that’s made by One Direction. I won’t even lie and say that I didn’t laugh at it when I saw it. I’m almost 30, I will not be wearing a boy bands perfume.

As we were getting ready for the premiere, I was making fun of it to my hairdresser and makeup artist, when they told me that it actually smells really good. What? So, I tried it. And I’m so embarrassed to say that I love it. Yes, me. Brooke, the nearly 30 year old mom of 3, is now obsessed with One Direction’s perfume.

Bless me. At least I smell good. And it’s less than $20 on Amazon. No judgement on boy band perfumes from me anymore!

I Can Only Imagine premieres 3.16.18! For more information, visit:


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