10 Baby Products You DO Need!


I recently wrote a blog post about 10 Baby products that you actually don’t need and I had a ton of people asking me for a list of just the opposite- 10 Baby products you DO need! As a mom of 3, I’ve had plenty of experience and made this list for y’all! These are some of my favorite things that all 3 of my babies (as different as they are), all seemed to like. So, here goes, 10 things (aside from the basic necessities) that you DO need!

1) Infant Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Gas Drops, Karo syrup and Pear Juice.


Ok. My first one is a little odd, but I always recommend this to new moms: go ahead and buy all of these! It never fails that your baby starts running a fever in the middle of the night, so save a midnight dash to Walgreens by having Tylenol, Ibuprofen, gas drops, Karo syrup, and pear juice on hand already. Of course, consult your pediatrician before giving your baby any medicine!

Trust me, these things won’t go to waste!

2) Boppy Pillow


I LOVE my Boppy pillow and I’ve used a Boppy with each of my babies for the first year. They’re great for the newborn stage- where you can use it to help hold your baby, and they’re also great to use as they get older! My kiddos would lay on their Boppy, and I would use the Boppy to prop them up. I’d definitely get an extra cover to use when you need to wash the other one! Amazon has some really cute ones, too!

3) Floor Seat

floor seat

I didn’t even know about these until someone posted a picture of their little one sitting in one on Facebook last year! This thing has been the BEST baby product that I’ve purchased for my 3rd Baby (whose now 7 months old and still uses it). It’s very lightweight and it folds down, making it portable. It’s also easy to clean (just take off the fabric and throw it in the washer). We use this daily! My baby loves to sit in it and watch her brother and sister play, and I also feed her while she’s in it. None of my kiddos could ever use a Bumbo Seat because they had such thick thighs (LOL), so this is a great option! I really like that they’re able to use it before they can sit up on their own, so that it gives them some time sittin up, and not laying down.

4) Onesies


Lots and lots of onesies. I think with baby #1, we all get caught up in the super cute outfits, but at the end of the day, you need a bunch of onesies! Babies will have spit-up, leaks and blowouts, and there will be days when you go through several onesies in one day.

5) Mamaroo


So, I’ve used a few different baby swings, and this one is, hands down, my favorite! And for a few different reasons!

One, my baby loved it!

Two, it was quiet. Some of the other swings that I’ve used made a lot of clicking noises as my baby would swing. The Mamaroo is much quieter!

Three, it takes up less space than the other swings I’ve used. The older style swings have very wide bases (and also swing very wide). The Mamaroo is very slender compared to them, and it also has several different swing settings (car ride, ocean wave, etc.), so it doesn’t just swing side-to-side, it can go up and down, too.

Four, it looks better. I love the look of the Mamaroo. It’s sleek and modern and aesthetically pleasing to me!

Five, it has a few different sound settings. You can choose from white noise, running water, crickets, etc. which seemed to help my baby sleep better than a lullaby song.

The Mamaroo is more expensive than a typical swing, but you can easily sell them when you’re done, so I would add it to your registry ? Also, there is a classic version and a newer version. The newer version has a few extra perks, but I personally thought the classic one was perfect.

6) My Brest Friend

If you’re going to breastfeed, then I highly recommend a MBF pillow, too! This gives you much more support for breastfeeding, compared to a regular Boppy. It’s not as soft as a Boppy (it’s made of foam), and it has a strap to buckle, so that it stays in place while you feed your baby. There’s even a little bump on the pillow that helps support to baby’s head. My husband laughed at me for wearing it all the time, but the MBF pillow made the early days of breastfeeding- SO much easier and comfortable!

7) A Co-Sleeper

I used this co-sleeper with my last 2 babies and loved it! This allows you to be near to your baby, without the dangers of bed-sharing. The Co-sleeper that I used adjusted to the height of our bed, and I could also raise the side of the Co-sleeper and use it as a crib/bassinet, if needed. It also had wheels, so I could easily roll the Co-sleeper to another room or lock the wheels in place when next to my bed. I LOVED not having to get completely out of bed when my baby would wake up during the night!

8) Plush Rocking Horse

This is a toy that all of my little one loves! It’s a plush rocking “elephant” that also has wheels, so you can use it as a rocking elephant, or use the wheels to roll around.

9) Quick Zip Sheets

Quick Zip Sheets
Quick Zip Sheets would make an awesome baby shower gift, and if you haven’t heard of them, it’s because they’re a fairly new company! But, I have some of these and LOVE them! Quick Zip sheets are designed to be a fast and easy way to change your baby’s sheets!

The sheets come with a “Base” sheet that goes under the mattress and around the sides, and then the sheet goes on the top side of the mattress and just zips on. They’re designed that way, so that you don’t have to pull the mattress up every time to change the sheets, and so that the sheets can’t be pulled off or bunched up. The top sheet lays nice and flat.

They have a few different options for sheets: cotton, 100% organic cotton or minky (my favorite). You can also get a mattress pad to go with your sheets and they have a few different sets and colors available!

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Also, they have a hilarious hashtag, #GetYourSheetTogether LOL

–> Side note: they also makes these for every other bed size (full to king), so I’m ordering a set for MY bed! No more fighting the sheet when I’m putting it back on and no more getting up to pull the sheet back down. ??

10) Muslin Swaddles


While these are a little pricier than a regular blanket, I absolutely loved mine! The thin muslin material is perfect for swaddling your baby without overheating them and it seemed like they stayed in place a lot easier than a regular blanket.

Also, if you have a summer baby, like I did, they are great to use as a comfort for your baby, again, without overheating them! It also seems safer to sleep with than a regular blanket!

What would you add to this list?


Photo Credit: Misty Carter Photography

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