For My Boss Mom’s.


Are you a boss momma like me? Juggling it all AND running a business?!

It’s overwhelming, right?

And social media is constantly changing and throwing us curve balls!

If you’re just starting out or maybe you’re just not in the loop about Facebook, let me help you out!

Do I know it all?

Heck no!

But, I’m here to share what I do know.

Since starting my first business 5 years ago, I’ve learned SO much about social media and how to use my Facebook platform to grow my brand and business. I’ve invested time and money into learning about utilizing Facebook to build my brand.

I’ve had a business with a tangible good, and now I have a business without a tangible good and with BOTH businesses, Facebook was/is my playground!

I’ve grown my Facebook following from 110 people to over 83,000 people in 6 weeks! 

Crazy, right?!

Sign up today, and let me review your Facebook page for just $49.99 and give you an outside, expert opinion on what you can change/add to enhance your Facebook page.

What do you get?

  • A thorough review of your Facebook page, as a multi-page PDF, loaded with tangible and specific pointers on your Facebook page.
  • Access to my private business group, with other business owners, like you, where you can post your questions and support one another in your business endeavors!
  • Specific information on what apps, programs and websites that you can use to enhance your business and brand with examples and tutorials.
  • My best tips on how to manage your business Facebook page (how many times a day should you be posting? Should you schedule posts?, Do I really need to go live?etc.).

$49.99 is a small price to pay (trust me, I’ve paid a lot more for what I know!) to get ahold of your Facebook page and GROW!

Sign up using the PayPal button below, and receive your Facebook review within 7 business days.

After you complete your payment, you’ll be directed to the secret Facebook group.

Be sure to say, “Hi” and introduce yourself!

Also, send me a quick email at and tell me a little bit about your business, where you want to go, and what you are struggling with, so that I can be as helpful as possible!

I can’t wait to help you succeed!

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