I ♥ Bluum!

Several years ago, when my oldest was around 6 months old, a friend of mine told me about the Bluum box (I pronounce it “bloom.” I have no idea if that’s right). It’s a monthly subscription box for your kiddo! You tell them about your kiddo, and they send an age-appropriate box full of random things that they will love!


Here’s my first months box:

Bluum Box Pic

Now, I’m all about a good deal, so I did the math and that box retailed well over what I paid for it!


This box is from 4 years ago, and we still have the stacking books. We still use the forks and spoons. The pouches were gone in about 30 seconds (oink, oink)! The socks ended up being my favorites because they were thin, but high quality and they stayed on her feet (we actually ended up buying more of those). I threw the pacifier wipes in the diaper bag, and the stain spray came in handy during her intro to solid foods!


Some of my favorite things about Bluum:

*You can choose to pause your subscription (like during the holiday’s, when they’re getting wayyyy too much stuff as it is!).

*You earn reward points for each box you get, and for reviewing the products in your box. Once you get 500 points, you get a free box!

*You can also gift a Bluum box to someone! Talk about a great alternative for Christmas! With Bluum, you can get them a box every month for a year! And you know how kids feel about getting stuff in the mail 😉

*You have the option of doing a monthly, 6 month or 1 year subscription.

So, try it for out a month and see whatcha think!


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  1. Hi I think this is a great idea and would love to give it a go but I have 2 questions that I can’t find the answers to on the website;
    1. Roughly how much is it? For the monthly or the 6 monthly one as an example.
    2. Do they ship to/operate in Australia also?

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