Brooke's Stories

If You Give A Mom Some Quiet…

If you give a mom graphic.png

If you give a mom some quiet, she won’t know what to do.

Should she finish up the laundry or finish cleaning rooms?

She could sweep the kitchen floors or she could sit in silent peace,

Or she could simply take a break and put up her tired feet.

But she hasn’t had a shower

And there’s spit up on her shirt

She should probably take off her yoga pants

But, putting on jeans is work.

If you give a mom some quiet

She’ll tip toe through the house

The lack of noise is sacred

And much needed, there is no doubt.

She’ll find herself conflicted

On what exactly she’ll do

She could binge watch some tv

And eat ice cream, too.

But, there are toilets that need cleaning

And sheets that need washed,

Theres a laundry list of little tasks

That dad has already forgot.

If you give a mom some quiet

She’ll drink wine from a Disney cup

She’ll watch shows that have cuss words

And thank god for her good luck.

But if you give a mom too much quiet

She’ll find herself so lonely

She’ll miss those noisy monsters

The ones that call her, “mommy.”

If you give a mom graphic.png